the boys | my life


oh life is passing me by and i know it.  i saw a little video of cash when he was 10 months old and i can’t believe how old he has gotten.  how old they are ALL getting.  i’ve got some amazing boys.  fun. wild. crazy. boys.  this is what they look like today.

cash 4.5 years: first year of preschool. obsessed with dinosaurs and drawing/coloring pictures.  and his artwork is wicked good and wicked creative.  he adores his little brother silas and is just the sweetest.  as of right now, his future plans include attending the police academy and becoming a police officer like his daddy.

judah 2.95 years: judah is obsessed with all things superhero.  one minute he is fighting off bad guys as batman and then next he is spiderman shooting webs at you.  he is LOADED with personality.  he has the highest highs and the lowest lows of my boys.  he is always two seconds behind cash and wanting to be a part of whatever he is doing.  the cutest part is that if i give one of them a sucker or treat or something . . . they always ask for another for the other.  (love)

silas 10 months:  si si cut his first two teeth three days before christmas.  started crawling and clapping february 2, 2014.  waved bubye february 5th.  and just the last week he has cut 3 more teeth, and is working on three more.  he has been my hardest teether.  cash i didn’t even know he was teething.  judah had a slight fever.  with silas, you get a fever, barfing, diarrhea, fussy, no sleep, and extremely needy.  aside front he teething . . . he is the sweetest most easy going little guy you have ever met.  if you meet him, you are SURE to fall in love with him.

love these boys and this crazy exhausting life of mine.


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