yesterday was seriously the best day!

women in weddings and INSANE weather for bridals ¬†ūüôā




cash is obsessed with all things that include animals, dinosaurs, and trains right now so we decided to head to the zoo for his birthday saturday

so glad a bunch of the family came along .  .  . even though it was CRAZY BUSY!!!

cash had a blast and was WORN OUT by the time we got home

happy birthday little buddy



what a better way to kick start this blog then to post about cash b!  for those of you who dont know cash b, he is my first born little compadre!  he is a little ball of energy with a personality that sparkles. he uses words that are bigger then him.  and has a smile that will melt your heart and mend anything.  he is sweet.  so very sweet.  he calls his little brother sweetheart.  he tells me he loves me.

now lets talk about the last three years and i how i feel like every mother should get a practice robot child for the first few years while they works out their parenting kinks . . . seriously its a good idea! ¬†only because i know at times i have sucked. ¬†i have gotten frustrated and i havent known what to do which in turn probably ended up with me doing the wrong thing . . . i just dont want to damage my perfect little package that was sent to me. ¬†what i hope he will remember is the couch caves, the rock piles, dinosaur coloring, bob the builder, and wrestling and giggling . . . lots of wrestling and giggling! ¬†and not me yelling at him ¬† ūüôā ¬†i do think my good has out weighed the bad. ¬†for sure it has out weighed the bad.

i am constantly working on a balance that works for me.  for cash.  for everyone.   i want cash to be happy.  strong.  positive. focused.  determined. and most of all himself.  and if i want to help him be all of those things i need to conitinue to give him my time.  be patient.  be loving.  and make his childhood magical!

cash you are one of the best things that has ever happened to me PERIOD.  you have made me such a better person in the short time you have been here.  i, oh so love our nightly prayers, your soft kisses, your caresses down my face.  you are an angel sweet boy and i love you with all my heart.  i hope your day is filled with excitement and fun!  happy birthday cb!

love your momma.



photo courtesy of lindsey orton photography
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