big sigh.

feel so lucky.  seriously lucky to have shot these two people.

their wedding is next friday and i cant wait to all of chelseys hard work come to life.  if there was ever a photo shoot i shot of my clients and had wished it was me and my love, it would have to be this shoot. . . . and incredibly jealous of their book of nice things.  a book they started from date 1 that has little papers, notes, pictures, and memoribilia along their journey of courtship!  hey 7 years into marriage, i can start one now right?   please soak it up and enjoy!



i think its safe to say i wore my purple toms a lot this year


yesterday was seriously the best day!

women in weddings and INSANE weather for bridals  🙂



cash is obsessed with all things that include animals, dinosaurs, and trains right now so we decided to head to the zoo for his birthday saturday

so glad a bunch of the family came along .  .  . even though it was CRAZY BUSY!!!

cash had a blast and was WORN OUT by the time we got home

happy birthday little buddy