no really. i cant remember the last time we had this much fun!

probably because we had a babysitter for 7 hours!  oh yeah!  we went on a walk in the mountains, pictures, fishing, goodwood bbq, and the chocolate for dessert.

like i said, best date night ever!

more pictures later



yesterday we had some sunny creaminess to work with along side with the mease family!



big sigh.

feel so lucky.  seriously lucky to have shot these two people.

their wedding is next friday and i cant wait to all of chelseys hard work come to life.  if there was ever a photo shoot i shot of my clients and had wished it was me and my love, it would have to be this shoot. . . . and incredibly jealous of their book of nice things.  a book they started from date 1 that has little papers, notes, pictures, and memoribilia along their journey of courtship!  hey 7 years into marriage, i can start one now right?   please soak it up and enjoy!




i think its safe to say i wore my purple toms a lot this year


m e n u