i will be completely out of the office until the 20th of october.  i will not even have access to text message, email, internet, etc.

please leave me an email if you have any questions and i will return all my messages when I am back.


its amazing what the last 7 yeas has brought us. a few downs, but mostly ups, lots of ups and of course a couple of little critters . . . named cash B and judah!

mostly it has brought an amazing journey of teaching and learning from one another. the dynamic of any two people when they work hard at blending their lives turns out to be amazing.  i am incredibly blessed to have married a person who balances, stretches, encourages, and enriches my life.  the path we are on always seems as though its at its peak . . . but year after year we climb higher and it gets better.

jeremy i am very proud of you. the love you share, your hard work, determination, stubbornness. 🙂  you have accomplished so much with your family,  job, and life.

i am so happy to call you mine!  i love you


just a little ceremony on the back of a yacht in san francisco while a storm was rollin through.

Off to Cali for a wedding!! I will be back in the office Saturday!