spud and kendras wedding had one super fun activity after another.  from paddles boats to blow up jump houses.  made me wonder why people dont create a wedding party for old and young?  casual and fancy?  i loved how they brought the two together!

and i guess everyone has their own style!  spud and kendras . . . was totally my style!’




richard and jena selected a new venue for their ceremony and reception site. . . . and i absolutely LOVED it.  a giant weeping willow is on my list of favorites and since thats where they exchanged their rings i was tickled pink . . . where did that saying come from anyway.   🙂  anyways, they did a great job with their wedding and the light was amazing that night!




the lovely jordan and gabi.

ok it might sound cheesy to say but i just LOVE the way gabi’s face lights up every single time she looks at jordan.   seriously every single time.  a grin from ear to ear.  these two are seriously perfect for each other!  thanks so much for allowing me to capture your day!



love.  simply love a backyard wedding and spencer and annie did it PERFECTLY.  from their natural style all the way down to the food, it was simply perfect.  and lets throw a shout out to spencer who serves our country and makes sacrifices for all of us!  and one last thing . . . i just adore their families and was so grateful i got to spend the entire day with them.  congrats!




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