the lovely jordan and gabi.

ok it might sound cheesy to say but i just LOVE the way gabi’s face lights up every single time she looks at jordan.   seriously every single time.  a grin from ear to ear.  these two are seriously perfect for each other!  thanks so much for allowing me to capture your day!



love.  simply love a backyard wedding and spencer and annie did it PERFECTLY.  from their natural style all the way down to the food, it was simply perfect.  and lets throw a shout out to spencer who serves our country and makes sacrifices for all of us!  and one last thing . . . i just adore their families and was so grateful i got to spend the entire day with them.  congrats!




found some old images that were shot of me and thought i would share



i was in san fran about a week ago for jess and joes wedding and they put me up in this hip little hotel called hotel vertigo.

it was hip modern awesomeness layered over top of an old hotel that had been there for ages.  san fran is just crazy in general because of how much variety they have in architecture, people, and styles!

i took a few shots of my cute little room.  that room was heaven where i could kick back and not have to chase after my two littles!


m e n u