i had the amazing opportunity to get to know amykate and chase!  AND shoot their wedding.  and it really was an amazing opportunity.  amykate is wise beyond her years and she was and is such a great example.  a person of strength, courage, and faith.  sometimes you encounter people who change your life.  and its all by how they live their life.  not by anything in particular  they did.  amykate changed my life just by being who she is.  i am honored i was able to shoot her wedding.  and honored i got to know her!

these two are a perfect match!




spud and kendras wedding had one super fun activity after another.  from paddles boats to blow up jump houses.  made me wonder why people dont create a wedding party for old and young?  casual and fancy?  i loved how they brought the two together!

and i guess everyone has their own style!  spud and kendras . . . was totally my style!’




richard and jena selected a new venue for their ceremony and reception site. . . . and i absolutely LOVED it.  a giant weeping willow is on my list of favorites and since thats where they exchanged their rings i was tickled pink . . . where did that saying come from anyway.   🙂  anyways, they did a great job with their wedding and the light was amazing that night!



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