me and my three little super heroes!

yup, i said three. we’re pregnant!

(dont judge my sweet iphone picture!)



happy halloween

i wish i had a funny spooky shoot to share with you . . . oh wait no i dont.  i just want to share gabe and haleys wedding with you this fine halloween!!  they had a garden wedding from heaven.  and lets be honest we all love some fall weather but looking at their pictures . . . august wedding is scrumdiddliumptious! slightly cooler evenings, warm days.  their wedding was beautiful and i of course was so glad i could be a part of it and capture their memories!



i had the amazing opportunity to get to know amykate and chase!  AND shoot their wedding.  and it really was an amazing opportunity.  amykate is wise beyond her years and she was and is such a great example.  a person of strength, courage, and faith.  sometimes you encounter people who change your life.  and its all by how they live their life.  not by anything in particular  they did.  amykate changed my life just by being who she is.  i am honored i was able to shoot her wedding.  and honored i got to know her!

these two are a perfect match!



m e n u