grandpa | personal


i was blessed and lucky to be able to go visit my grandpa just after he had passed. . . i was terrified of how hard it might be to see my grandpa not with us anymore.  and you know . . .  it was actually a beautiful experience.  to see my grandpa where he took his last breath and the comfortable place that he was.  i think it helped me to close the chapter of my life that included him in it.  i was able to touch him.  hug him.  kiss him. and say goodbye.  he was such a magnificent man.  everyone has their own story and their own version of grandpa.  each person being touched by his life, his example, his love, his unwavering testimony and each with something that has influenced them for the better because of who grandpa was.

grandpa, your life.  the example you set.  the love you had for the gospel.  the essence of every bit of who you were was perfect and has effected and changed me for the good.  i thank you from the bottom of my heart.  i am so proud to call you grandpa.  i love you

until we meet again.


m e n u