denali | my life


this little lady i could call my own.  she feels like my own.  i love her like she is my own.  and well . . . she is my own.  🙂

i remember 13 years ago laying on the ground in the hospital peeking underneath the door towards the light in the room where your momma was getting ready to deliver you.  i had no idea what impact you would have in my life making me an aunt for the first time.  my sister a mom for the first time. and starting on an adventure of growth, learning, laughter, and good memories.  denali you really are so special.  you are incredibly bright. sweet.  and you are beautiful.  🙂  i hope as you head down the road through your teenage years that you find your anchor and you hold on to it.  clings to it and fight for it.  remember what you believe in and what you want to stand for.  dream big and run with the wind.  this is the time in your life to live and have fun,  to see and recognize your potential and start embracing it.  find your own testimony of the gospel and let it bloom. teenage years can be rough and difficult but they can also lead to incredible growth and change.  i love that i get to see you along this journey and watch the woman that you are becoming.  i love you dearly little one. and i hope you have the happiest birthday.

m e n u